Timișoara. 2023

Invited competition entry, first prize
Client: Speedwell Development
External team: Larisa Popa
Visualizations: beyond visual arts GmbH, Photos: ADMO Studio
GFA: 87.500 sqm
Timeframe: 2023

By adding a new layer to the 1st of June site, the approach seeks to find a natural continuity in its development, both in regards to the remarkable architectural heritage and considering the environment. Four of the existing buildings are entirely or partially integrated into the new urban structure and play a decisive role in shaping and animating the place.

Carefully focused densification is seen both as a balancing measure to heritage preservation and as the means to achieve long term sustainable urbanity. Visually, density is concentrated in key points of the complex and aims to establish new landmarks and vistas along Bega’s waterfront. 

A network of publicly accessible and semi-private pedestrian areas open the new complex to its surroundings: the street, the Canal, Faber Cultural Hub. Parking cars are concealed under the topography of the new site, within a technical ground level base which is facing the courtyards and streets through a variety of commercial spaces and communal amenities.